One day I was walking towards the local supermarket in South London, when I was stopped in my stride by a muffled voice which came from between two shops.  I peered into this empty space and lowered my gaze to the ground, where my focus met upon, to what I believe was a homeless man.  He greeted me by saying ”good morning love, do you have 0.50p that you can give to me?”  I stopped, and looked inside my purse and handed the gentleman what he asked for, the homeless man smiled, took the 0.50p and thanked me.  Without hesitation, I remarked “had you asked for £5, I would have given it to you, for you get what you ask for”  The homeless man looked both perplexed, and a little enlightened by my reply, and I too was a little shocked by my rather sharpe comment.  I couldn’t help but reflect on the entire situation and question the things that I have accepted in life.  Are we specific about the things we want and what levels of value do we place and accept in life?  This shared example is philosophical and about looking at a much wider picture, firstly and most importantly ourselves, what is our worth? What value do we place on ourselves? What ambitions do we have, when it comes to our professional, personal and spiritual selves? If any at all!

During my short stint in London, I for the first time in a long while slowed my world and brain activity down to see and listen more.  I am writing this article to share this experience, and express gratitude to my coach of the day; the vagrant (now remembered by me as “priceless”) who reinforced the meaning and importance of self-awareness, self-value and gratitude.

As human beings we are so busy busying ourselves, we sometimes miss important messages and opportunities of thought that will contribute and enhance the way in which we live.  Messages are in abundance guiding us daily, but how often do we recognize the importance or relevance when they occur? I for one can say ‘not enough’.  I believe slowing our world down can create a better understanding and appreciation of ourselves and what is going on around us.

During the same week of me meeting “priceless”, I came across this video by Anthony Robbins.  For sure “thoughts become things” I am an avid fan and follower of the inspirational Anthony Robbins, and hands down agree with him “Life will pay you, what you ask it for!”

What are your comments? Please feel free to share your experience.