REFRESH Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil organic bath oil by NEOM

Photograph courtesy of Neom

Jump for joy; “REFRESH” Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil Organic bath oil by Neom!  Be assured, the description of this product it is as good as it sounds, and feels as good as it smells! This product can be used in the shower or bath, but I prefer to add 1 capful of this, my favorite oil into my bath!  What’s so special?  What’s the big deal? Well firstly, let’s look at some of the benefits of the essential oils included in this product!  Let’s start with Lemon; which is great for improving mental fatigue and exhaustion, and improves concentration.  Basil on the other hand improves blood circulation, is an analgesic so a great pain reliever. In addition Basil improves digestion and relieves stress.

The scent of these oils infused harmoniously together with hot water and steam create amazing aromas; perfectly blended fragrances that bring forth pleasurable memories of spring and summer; warm seasons come alive and are abundant and present in your bathroom (even if it’s cold outside.)  The cost of this oil is 32 pounds sterling for 100ml bottle; great value for money, and a capful of oil added to your steamy tub goes the distance in usage and additionally peps-up your physical and emotional wellbeing.  A superb home therapy product that comes highly recommended, not only by me, but many users who have written raving reviews about this product!  Great job Neom, your reviews are testimony to a fabulous brand and product that is loved by many across the globe.  I was professionally introduced to the Neom brand whilst managing a 5 star spa in Dubai, and once tried, I instantly became a fan. I confess to being towed in without force, and now unashamedly a Neom devotee; hook, line and Neom sinkered! An amazing range of products for the home; organic air mists (tried, love), aroma candles (to die for), shower gels (totally obsessed) body oils (a guilty pleasure)  Check out this fabulous product range online, and if you have the opportunity, try one of the many delightful bath oils Neom have to offer!  Go ahead, turn your regular bath into a treat that will rejuvenate you; turn winter into summer; and guaranteed to put the bounce back into your ounce!  Enjoy, indulge and bask in your bath.

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Please note that essential oils have medicinal properties, and recommend medical advice from your therapist or GP before using.

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