My Journal. Tasting life twice…..


Bev 2

I am extremely grateful that I am able to write; to freely express myself.  This was not the case for enslaved ancestors; and in this year 2015 there remains evidence of the same; where human beings worldwide do not have the skills to write, or do not have “rights” to write, nor read.  Simple things; reading and writing; two skills….I am blessed to be able to do both.  I say again, how grateful I am; some will never have that experience….

I look in the mirror and I see my reflection; however through writing in my journal; I have a deeper understanding of myself; and buried deep down in my soul are treasures; and ultimately the biggest and most meaningful gifts that I could had ever asked for…My journal keeps me grounded, focused and in check with whats important to me.  My journal is an anchor; a reminder to reach to it regularly to carve out time for someone who is really special; and that special and important person is me.  My journal content reveals insights to gratitude, reflection, personal development, goals choices; the list goes on and on and on.  What encouraged me to begin my journal?  One day the good lord kicked me in the head and said  “whats in the mind stays in the mind” and the good lord was right; all my thoughts were running around in my head, with nowhere to go.  Thoughts and feelings  screaming LET ME OUT, I’M TRAPPED! I had little clarity as to what my real needs were, and how I could  meet those needs.  This is an unfortunate situation; so unfortunate, I was not able to receive….blocked! This is changing now and now my thoughts are transferred to my journal, passions and desires run free, the pen runs away as if it takes a life of its own. I am free; having a ball; busy creating the life that I want to live.  Living a life with more purpose.

Inspiring quotation by Anai Nin “We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and retrospect” an amazing quote, inspiring in fact and beautifully linked together.  Words are so powerful….

How often do I journal, and how much do I write?

I journal on average, a minimum of twice a week; for thirty minutes.  There are times when I write one paragraph other days I can write 5 pages and beyond.    There is no hard or fast rule.  As I like……

How is writing a journal changing my life?

Recording information validates me, and my every day experiences.  Learning my truth, taking the lesson is such an empowering experience.  It is a great feeling to finally jump off the merry go round.  You may know it? The same ride, to no place?  Writing my journal has given me wisdom, power, motivation and drive to move in a different direction.  Yes, off the merry go round.  Yup I have lightened up a tad, and living a more congruent and fulfilling life.  I have learned that what happens is not as important as the meaning I assign to it. I get clarity, and with clarity I have options, the power of having choices is truly magical, and journaling helps to sort this out.

Maya Angelou once said “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you” Life is a spa highly recommends its readers to start a journal; pick up a book and start writing.  Often there is a tendency to get caught up in every day stuff; busying ourselves, without considering the most important relationship that we should be having, and that is the one that we have with ourselves.

Do you journal?  If so, please share your experiences with Life is a spa.